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Bibi Home Postnatal Care Centre is a premier establishment that provides exceptional postnatal care services to new mothers and their babies. We understand the immense physical and emotional changes that occur after childbirth, and are dedicated to ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for our clients during this important time.

Bibi Home Postnatal Care

The first confinement centre in Klang that obtained operation license by Klang Town Council (MPK) , and started it’s operation since January 2020. It is a bungalow house located next to the Klang Hokkian Association Hall.

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of confinement specialists and registered nurses who are well-trained and experienced in providing excellent care for both mothers and their babies.

Professional care

Provide training and education for parents in antenatal class, baby care and family planning. We aim to create more awareness on healthy lifestyle in term of baby and mother care in terms of physically and emotionally, family support is the essential key for happy family!

Lactation Consultation

Chinese Physician Consultation

Paediatrician Consultation

Personalized Infant Care

Postnatal Massage & Hot Stone

Fellowship & Learning Together


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