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Bibi Home Postnatal Care is the first confinement centre in Klang that obtained operation license by Klang Town Council (MPK) , and started it’s operation since January 2020. It is a bungalow house located next to the Klang Hokkian Association Hall.

The operational team led by Specialist Nurse Practitioner, aims to provide mothers and babies the best nursing care in the luxury home. Most importantly, we practice evidence-based nursing care blend with Chinese medication, to ensure all practices are rationale and up-to-date knowledge, to maintain a well balanced health in mothers physically and mentally.

We understand every baby is precious and how important you are as a mother. This is why “we love, we care” for you.

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Provide professional nursing care to mother and new born baby throughout their confinement in a hygienic, safe and luxury home stay.

Promote baby friendly and natural environment for baby growth by supporting breastfeeding and nutritious balance diet.

Educate new parents in various types of skills in mother and baby care.

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